Preservation policy

Retention policy

The NRC Publications Archive metadata and full text are housed in the National Research Council’s Digital Repository. All versions of the NRC Publications Archive metadata and full text will be retained indefinitely. All other files associated with a publication record in the NRC Publications Archive will be archived but not preserved. Files for which replacements are submitted will be retained as source files. The NRC Publications Archive repository will be backed up regularly according to current best practice.

Withdrawal policy

The NRC Publications Archive has been established as a permanent archive. In exceptional cases, authors and publishers may request that publications be removed from the archive. Reasons for withdrawal of content could be terms of a publisher’s license, copyright infringement, sensitive or confidential information.

When content is removed, the description (metadata) for the publication will remain as a placeholder in the archive, with a URL. A brief statement explaining the reason for withdrawal of the content will be added to the publication record. The metadata of withdrawn publications will not be searchable. Withdrawn publications will not be available for harvesting by OAI-PMH harvesters nor will be crawlable by search engines. For internal purposes, the withdrawal transaction will be traced by a provenance statement.

The NRC Publications Archive Team reserves the right to remove publications from the repository if notified by a third party of potential copyright infringement. No documents will be removed without the submission administrator and author’s knowledge.

Official languages note

The National Research Council respects the Official Languages Act and the relevant Treasury Board policies, and is committed to ensuring all information and services on this site are available in both English and French. However, visitors should be aware that documents in the NRC Publications Archive are not translated from the language in which the authors have chosen to originally communicate their scientific results. In addition some documents in the NRC Publications Archive are from external sources that are not subject to the Official Languages Act. In such cases, the information is posted without modification in the language in which it was provided. While these documents are available in the NRC Publications Archive in the language in which they were originally published, abstracts may, upon request, be made available in both official languages.