The ruse and reality of nanotechnology

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Titre de la revueHealth Law Review
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RésuméDue to the transforming potential nanotechnology, there are substantial societal implications. Unlike most other technical advances, nanotechnology has captured public attention early on in its development. This is a good thing, in that it allows, and forces, scientists to explain their abilities and objectives to laypeople. Many accurate and informative articles have appeared, but unfortunately, some of the descriptions of nanotechnology found in newspapers and on television are highly inaccurate. The author offers a clear description of some of the current and future capabilities of nanotechnology, as well as the foreseeable limitations of what nanotechnology will be able to do, to enable an informed discussion about nanotechnology.
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Maison d’éditionHealth Law Institute
AffiliationConseil national de recherches Canada; Institut national de nanotechnologie
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