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Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, ISSN: 0066-4804, 57 (8), 2013-08, p. 3585-3592
Host-Fungus Interactions : Methods and Protocols, ISBN: 978-1-61779-538-1, 2012-02-29, p. 41-49
Search for Schwartzentruber, Jeremy; Search for Korshunov, Andrey; Search for Liu, Xiao-Yang; Search for Jones, David T. W.; Search for Pfaff, Elke; Search for Jacob, Karine; Search for Sturm, Dominik; Search for Fontebasso, Adam M.; Search for Khuong Quang, Dong-Anh; Search for Tönjes, Martje; Search for Hovestadt, Volker; Search for Albrecht, Steffen; Search for Kool, Marcel; Search for Nantel, Andre; Search for Konermann, Carolin; Search for Lindroth, Anders; Search for Jäger, Natalie; Search for Rausch, Tobias; Search for Ryzhova, Marina; Search for Korbel, Jan O.; Search for Hielscher, Thomas; Search for Hauser, Peter; Search for Garami, Miklos; Search for Klekner, Almos; Search for Bognar, Laszlo; Search for Ebinger, Martin; Search for Schuhmann, Martin U.; Search for Scheurlen, Wolfram; Search for Pekrun, Arnulf; Search for Frühwald, Michael C.; Search for Roggendorf, Wolfgang; Search for Kramm, Christoph; Search for Dürken, Matthias; Search for Atkinson, Jeffrey; Search for Lepage, Pierre; Search for Montpetit, Alexandre; Search for Zakrzewska, Magdalena; Search for Zakrzewski, Krzystof; Search for Liberski, Pawel P.; Search for Dong, Zhifeng; Search for Siegel, Peter; Search for Kulozik, Andreas E.; Search for Zapatka, Marc; Search for Guha, Abhijit; Search for Malkin, David; Search for Felsberg, Jörg; Search for Reifenberger, Guido; Search for von Deimling, Andreas; Search for Ichimura, Koichi; Search for Collins, V. Peter; Search for Witt, Hendrik; Search for Milde, Till; Search for Witt, Olaf; Search for Zhang, Cindy; Search for Castelo-Branco, Pedro; Search for Lichter, Peter; Search for Faury, Damien; Search for Tabori, Uri; Search for Plass, Christoph; Search for Majewski, Jacek; Search for Pfister, Stefan M.; Search for Jabado, Nada
Nature, 482 (7384), 2012-01-29, p. 226-231
Cancer Research, 2012-08-03, p. 1-29
Molecular Biotechnology, 2012-01-24
Current Biology, 22 (6), 2012-02-23, p. 461-470
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Genome biology, 11 (R71), 2010-01-01, p. 1-14
Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology, 136 (4), 2010-01-01, p. 577-586
BMC Plant Biology, 10 (174), 2010-08-12, p. 1-23
Molecular Microbiology, 79 (4), 2010-12-30, p. 940-953
Molecular Biology, 79 (4), 2010-12-30, p. 968-989
Acta Neuropathologica, 121 (2), 2010-11-24, p. 229-239
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PLoS Pathogens, 5 (10), 2009-10-09, p. 1-20
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