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Yu, Kui; Liu, Xiangyang; Zeng, Qun; Yang, Mingli; Ouyang, Jianying; Wang, Xinqin; Tao, Ye, "The formation mechanism of binary semiconductor nanomaterials: Shared by single-source and dual-source precursor approaches", Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 52 (42), 2013, (
Yu, Kui; Liu, Xiangyang; Zeng, Qun; Leek, Donald M.; Ouyang, Jianying; Whitmore, Kenneth Matthew; Ripmeester, John A.; Tao, Ye; Yang, Mingli, "Effect of tertiary and secondary phosphines on low-temperature formation of quantum dots", Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, 52 (18), 2013, (
Yu, Kui; Hrdina, Amy; Ouyang, Jianying; Kingston, David; Wu, Xiaohua; Leek, Donald M.; Liu, Xiangyang; Li, Chunsheng, "Ultraviolet ZnSe 1– x S x Gradient-Alloyed Nanocrystals via a Noninjection Approach", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 4 (8), 2012, (
Zhang, Yanguang; Li, Zhao; Ouyang, Jianying; Tsang, Sai-Wing; Lu, Jianping; Yu, Kui; Ding, Jianfu; Tao, Ye, "Hole transfer from PbS nanocrystal quantum dots to polymers and efficient hybrid solar cells utilizing infrared photons", Organic Electronics, 13 (12), 2012, (
Ouyang, Jianying; Schuurmans, Carl; Zhang, Yanguang; Nagelkerke, Robbert; Wu, Xiaohua; Kingston, David; Wang, Zhi Yuan; Wilkinson, Diana; Li, Chunsheng; Leek, Donald M.; Tao, Ye; Yu, Kui, "Low-temperature approach to high-yield and reproducible syntheses of high-quality small-sized PbSe colloidal nanocrystals for photovoltaic applications", ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 3 (2), p.553-565, 2011, (
Fu, Huiying; Tsang, Sai-Wing; Zhang, Yanguang; Ouyang, Jianying; Lu, Jianping; Yu, Kui; Tao, Ye, "Impact of the growth conditions of colloidal PbS nanocrystals on photovoltaic device performance", Chemistry of Materials, 23 (7), p.1805-1810, 2011, (
Yu, Kui; Ouyang, Jianying; Zhang, Yanguang; Tung, Hsien-Tse; Lin, Shuqiong; Nagelkerke, Robbert A. L.; Kingston, David; Wu, Xiaohua; Leek, Donald M.; Wilkinson, Diana; Li, Chunsheng; Chen, In-Gann; Tao, Ye, "Low-temperature noninjection approach to homogeneously-alloyed PbSexS1−x colloidal nanocrystals for photovoltaic applications", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 3 (5), p.1511-1520, 2011, (
Yu, kui; Ouyang, Jianying; Leek, Donald M., "In-situ observation of nucleation and growth of PbSe magic-sized nanoclusters and regular nanocrystals", Small, 7 (15), p.2250-2262, 2011, (
Yu, Kui; Hrdina, Amy; Zhang, Xinguo; Ouyang, Jianying; Leek, Donald M.; Wu, Xiaohua; Gong, Menglian; Wilkinson, Diana; Li, Chunsheng, "Highly-photoluminescent ZnSe nanocrystals via a non-injection-based approach with precursor reactivity elevated by a secondary phosphine", ChemComm, 47 (31), p.8811-8813, 2011, (
Yu, Kui; Ouyang, Jianying; Maxime Vincent; Chabloz, David; Wilkinson, Baptiste; Perier, Fabian, "Synthesis and Characterization of Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum Dots as Blue Photoluminescent Emitters", Doped Nanomaterials and Nanodevices, 2010, ISBN 1588831108.
Tsang, Sai-Wing; Fu, Huiying; Ouyang, Jianying; Zhang, Yanguang; Yu, Kui; Lu, Jianping; Ouyang, Jianying, "Self-organized phase segregation between inorganic nanocrystals and PC61BM for hybrid high-efficiency bulk heterojunction photovoltaic cells", Applied Physics Letters, 96 (24), 2010, (
Yu, Kui; Ouyang, Jianying; Zaman, Md. Badruz; Johnston, Dennis; Yan, Fu Jian; Li, Grace; Ratcliffe, Christopher I.; Leek, Donald M.; Wu, Xiaohua; Stupak, Jacek; Jakubek, Zygmunt; Whitfield, Dennis, "Single-sized CdSe nanocrystals with bandgap photoemission via a non-injected one-pot approach", The Journal of Physical Chemistry. C, Nanomaterials and Interfaces, 113 (9), 2009, (
Ouyang, Jianying; Kuijper, Jasmijn; Brot, Simon; Kingston, David; Wu, Xiaohua; Leek, Donald M.; Hu, Michael Z.; Ripmeester, John A.; Yu, Kui, "Photoluminescent colloidal CdS nanocrystals with high quality via noninjection one-pot synthesis in 1-Octadecene", The journal of physical chemistry. C, Nanomaterials and interfaces, 113 (18), 2009, (
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Ouyang, Jianying; Ratcliffe, Christopher I.; Kingston, David; Wilkinson, Baptiste; Kuijper, Jasmijn; Wu, Xiaohua; Ripmeester, John A.; Yu, Kui, "Gradiently alloyed ZnₓCd₁₋ₓS colloidal photoluminescent quantum dots synthesized via a noninjection one-pot approach", The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (13), 2008, (
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