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Molecular Breeding, ISSN: 1380-3743, 35 (1), 2015-01
Nature communications, 5, 2014-04
Search for Liu, Shengyi; Search for Liu, Yumei; Search for Yang, Xinhua; Search for Tong, Chaobo; Search for Edwards, David; Search for Parkin, Isobel A. P.; Search for Zhao, Meixia; Search for Ma, Jianxin; Search for Yu, Jingyin; Search for Huang, Shunmou; Search for Wang, Xiyin; Search for Wang, Junyi; Search for Lu, Kun; Search for Fang, Zhiyuan; Search for Bancroft, Ian; Search for Yang, Tae-Jin; Search for Hu, Qiong; Search for Wang, Xinfa; Search for Yue, Zhen; Search for Li, Haojie; Search for Yang, Linfeng; Search for Wu, Jian; Search for Zhou, Qing; Search for Wang, Wanxin; Search for King, Graham J.; Search for Pires, J. Chris; Search for Lu, Changxin; Search for Wu, Zhangyan; Search for Sampath, Perumal; Search for Wang, Zhuo; Search for Guo, Hui; Search for Pan, Shengkai; Search for Yang, Limei; Search for Min, Jiumeng; Search for Zhang, Dong; Search for Jin, Dianchuan; Search for Li, Wanshun; Search for Belcram, Harry; Search for Tu, Jinxing; Search for Guan, Mei; Search for Qi, Cunkou; Search for Du, Dezhi; Search for Li, Jiana; Search for Jiang, Liangcai; Search for Batley, Jacqueline; Search for Sharpe, Andrew G.; Search for Park, Beom-Seok; Search for Ruperao, Pradeep; Search for Cheng, Feng; Search for Waminal, Nomar Espinosa; Search for Huang, Yin; Search for Dong, Caihua; Search for Wang, Li; Search for Li, Jingping; Search for Hu, Zhiyong; Search for Zhuang, Mu; Search for Huang, Yi; Search for Huang, Junyan; Search for Shi, Jiaqin; Search for Mei, Desheng; Search for Liu, Jing; Search for Lee, Tae-Ho; Search for Wang, Jinpeng; Search for Jin, Huizhe; Search for Li, Zaiyun; Search for Li, Xun; Search for Zhang, Jiefu; Search for Xiao, Lu; Search for Zhou, Yongming; Search for Liu, Zhongsong; Search for Liu, Xuequn; Search for Qin, Rui; Search for Tang, Xu; Search for Liu, Wenbin; Search for Wang, Yupeng; Search for Zhang, Yangyong; Search for Lee, Jonghoon; Search for Kim, Hyun Hee; Search for Denoeud, France; Search for Xu, Xun; Search for Liang, Xinming; Search for Hua, Wei; Search for Wang, Xiaowu; Search for Wang, Jun; Search for Chalhoub, Boulos; Search for Paterson, Andrew H.
Nature Communications, ISSN: 2041-1723, 5, 2014-05-23, p. 1-11
Search for Chalhoub, B.; Search for Denoeud, F.; Search for Liu, S.; Search for Parkin, I. A. P.; Search for Tang, H.; Search for Wang, X.; Search for Chiquet, J.; Search for Belcram, H.; Search for Tong, C.; Search for Samans, B.; Search for Corréa, M.; Search for Da Silva, C.; Search for Just, J.; Search for Falentin, C.; Search for Koh, C. S.; Search for Le Clainche, I.; Search for Bernard, M.; Search for Bento, P.; Search for Noel, B.; Search for Labadie, K.; Search for Alberti, A.; Search for Charles, M.; Search for Arnaud, D.; Search for Guo, H.; Search for Daviaud, C.; Search for Alamery, S.; Search for Jabbari, K.; Search for Zhao, M.; Search for Edger, P. P.; Search for Chelaifa, H.; Search for Tack, D.; Search for Lassalle, G.; Search for Mestiri, I.; Search for Schnel, N.; Search for Le Paslier, M.-C.; Search for Fan, G.; Search for Renault, V.; Search for Bayer, P. E.; Search for Golicz, A. A.; Search for Manoli, S.; Search for Lee, T.-H.; Search for Thi, V. H. D.; Search for Chalabi, S.; Search for Hu, Q.; Search for Fan, C.; Search for Tollenaere, R.; Search for Lu, Y.; Search for Battail, C.; Search for Shen, J.; Search for Sidebottom, C. H. D.; Search for Wang, X.; Search for Canaguier, A.; Search for Chauveau, A.; Search for Bérard, A.; Search for Deniot, G.; Search for Guan, M.; Search for Liu, Z.; Search for Sun, F.; Search for Lim, Y. P.; Search for Lyons, E.; Search for Town, C. D.; Search for Bancroft, I.; Search for Wang, X.; Search for Meng, J.; Search for Ma, J.; Search for Pires, J. C.; Search for King, G. J.; Search for Brunel, D.; Search for Delourme, R.; Search for Renard, M.; Search for Aury, J.-M.; Search for Adams, K. L.; Search for Batley, J.; Search for Snowdon, R. J.; Search for Tost, J.; Search for Edwards, D.; Search for Zhou, Y.; Search for Hua, W.; Search for Sharpe, Andrew G.; Search for Paterson, A. H.; Search for Guan, C.; Search for Wincker, P.
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Search for Wang, Xiaowu; Search for Wang, Hanzhong; Search for Wang, Jun; Search for Sun, Rifei; Search for Wu, Jian; Search for Liu, Shengyi; Search for Bai, Yinqi; Search for Mun, Jeong-Hwan; Search for Bancroft, Ian; Search for Cheng, Feng; Search for Huang, Sanwen; Search for Li, Xixiang; Search for Hua, Wei; Search for Wang, Junyi; Search for Wang, Xiyin; Search for Freeling, Michael; Search for Pires, J. Chris; Search for Paterson, Andrew H.; Search for Chalhoub, Boulos; Search for Wang, Bo; Search for Hayward, Alice; Search for Sharpe, Andrew G.; Search for Park, Beom-Seok; Search for Weisshaar, Bernd; Search for Liu, Binghang; Search for Li, Bo; Search for Liu, Bo; Search for Tong, Chaobo; Search for Song, Chi; Search for Duran, Christopher; Search for Peng, Chunfang; Search for Geng, Chunyu; Search for Koh, Chushin; Search for Lin, Chuyu; Search for Edwards, David; Search for Mu, Desheng; Search for Shen, Di; Search for Soumpourou, Eleni; Search for Li, Fei; Search for Fraser, Fiona; Search for Conant, Gavin; Search for Lassalle, Gilles; Search for King, Graham J.; Search for Bonnema, Guusje; Search for Tang, Haibao; Search for Wang, Haiping; Search for Belcram, Harry; Search for Zhou, Heling; Search for Hirakawa, Hideki; Search for Abe, Hiroshi; Search for Guo, Hui; Search for Wang, Hui; Search for Jin, Huizhe; Search for Parkin, Isobel A. P.; Search for Batley, Jacqueline; Search for Kim, Jeong-Sun; Search for Just, Jérémy; Search for Li, Jianwen; Search for Xu, Jiaohui; Search for Deng, Jie; Search for Kim, Jin A.; Search for Li, Jingping; Search for Yu, Jingyin; Search for Meng, Jinling; Search for Wang, Jinpeng; Search for Min, Jiumeng; Search for Poulain, Julie; Search for Wang, Jun; Search for Hatakeyama, Katsunori; Search for Wu, Kui; Search for Wang, Li; Search for Fang, Lu; Search for Trick, Martin; Search for Links, Matthew G.; Search for Zhao, Meixia; Search for Jin, Mina; Search for Ramchiary, Nirala; Search for Drou, Nizar; Search for Berkman, Paul J.; Search for Cai, Qingle; Search for Huang, Quanfei; Search for Li, Ruiqiang; Search for Tabata, Satoshi; Search for Cheng, Shifeng; Search for Zhang, Shu; Search for Zhang, Shujiang; Search for Huang, Shunmou; Search for Sato, Shusei; Search for Sun, Silong; Search for Kwon, Soo-Jin; Search for Choi, Su-Ryun; Search for Lee, Tae-Ho; Search for Fan, Wei; Search for Zhao, Xiang; Search for Tan, Xu; Search for Tan, Xun; Search for Wang, Yan; Search for Qiu, Yang; Search for Yin, Ye; Search for Li, Yingrui; Search for Du, Yongchen; Search for Liao, Yongcui; Search for Lim, Yongpyo; Search for Narusaka, Yoshihiro; Search for Wang, Yupeng; Search for Wang, Zhenyi; Search for Li, Zhenyi; Search for Wang, Zhiwen; Search for Xiong, Zhiyong; Search for Zhang, Zhonghua
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