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Optical Engineering, 51 (2), 2012-03-02
Proceedings of the SPIE, (Three-Dimensional Imaging, Interaction, and Measurement, San Francisco, USA, January 23-27, 2011), 7864, 2011, p. 78640J-78640J-15
Proceedings of the ISPRS Commission V Mid-Term Symposium 'Close Range Image Measurement Techniques', (ISPRS Commission V, Mid-Term Symposium on Close Range Image Measurement Techniques, June 22-24, 2010, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom), 38 (5), 2010-06-22, p. 428-433
United States Patent No. 7,657,081, 2010-02-02
Proceedings of the SPIE, (Three Dimensional Imaging Metrology Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne, January 2009), 7239, 2009, p. 72390S-72390S-12
Image Processing (ICIP) Proceedings, (16th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Cairo, Egypt, November 7-10, 2009, Cairo, Egypt), ISSN: 1522-4880, ISBN: 978-1-4244-5653-6, 2009-11-10, p. 69-72
(SPIE Symposium on Optical Engineering & Applications, 2008), 2008
Two-dimensional multi-spectral digitization and three-dimensional modelling of easel paintings, 1, 2008
(The XXI Congress of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS 2008)., July 3-11, 2008, Beijing, China), 2008
(The 7th International Conference on Lasers in the Conservation of Artworks, Madrid, Spain), 2007
Videometrics IX (E1103), (The Symposium: Annual IS&T/SPIE on Electronic Imaging, January 28 - February 1, 2007.), 2007
Videometrics IX 9E1103, (The IS&T/SPIE's Annual Symposium on Electronic Imaging, January 29-30, 2007.), 2007
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Robotic and Sensors Environments, (IEEE International Workshop on Robotic and Sensors Environments ROSE 2007, 12-13 October 2007, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), ISBN: 978-1-4244-1526-7, 2007-10-13, p. 114-119
(The 8th Conference on Optical 3-D Measurement Techniques, July 9-12, 2007., Zurich, Switzerland), 2007
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A, 24 (3), 2006
Science, (Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, 22 September 2006), 313 (5794), 2006, p. 1732-1733
(The 7th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage VAST (2006), October 30 - November 4, 2006., Cyprus), 2006
(SPIE 5857: Optical Methods for Arts and Archeology, June 13-14, 2005., Munich, Germany), 2005
(CIPA 2005 XXth International Symposium: Cooperation to Save the World's Cultural Heritage, September 26 - October 1, 2005., Torino, Italy), 2005
(International Workshop on Recording, Modeling and Visualization of Cultural Heritage, May 22-27, 2005., Ascona, Switzerland), 2005
Videometrics IX, (SPIE: Electronic Imaging 2005, January 16-20, 2005.), 2005
(International Workshop on Recording, Modeling and Visualization of Cultural Heritage, May 22-27, 2005., Centro Stefano Franscini, Monte Verita), 2005
IEEE Journal Computer Graphics & Applications., 2004
(Proceedings of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) XXth Congress, July 12-23 2004., Istanbul, Turkey), 2004
(Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (VSMM'2004), November 17-19, 2004., Ogaki, Japan), 2004
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