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The effect of deposition conditions on adhesion strength of Ti and Ti6Al4V cold spray splats

NRC Industrial Materials Institute; National Research Council Canada
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Journal of Thermal Spray Technology
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adhesion; cold spray; splats; Ti; Ti6A14V
Cold spray is a complex process where many parameters have to be considered in order to achieve optimized material deposition and properties. In the cold spray process, deposition velocity influences the degree of material deformation and material adhesion. While most materials can be easily deposited at relatively low deposition velocity (<700 m/s), this is not the case for high yield strength materials like Ti and its alloys. In the present study, we evaluate the effects of deposition velocity, powder size, particle position in the gas jet, gas temperature, and substrate temperature on the adhesion strength of cold spayed Ti and Ti6Al4V splats. A micromechanical test technique was used to shear individual splats of Ti or Ti6Al4V and measure their adhesion strength. The splats were deposited onto Ti or Ti6Al4V substrates over a range of deposition conditions with either nitrogen or helium as the propelling gas. The splat adhesion testing coupled with microstructural characterization was used to define the strength, the type and the continuity of the bonded interface between splat and substrate material. The results demonstrated that optimization of spray conditions makes it possible to obtain splats with continuous bonding along the splat/substrate interface and measured adhesion strengths approaching the shear strength of bulk material. The parameters shown to improve the splat adhesion included the increase of the splat deposition velocity well above the critical deposition velocity of the tested material, increase in the temperature of both powder and the substrate material, decrease in the powder size, and optimization of the flow dynamics for the cold spray gun nozzle. Through comparisons to the literature, the adhesion strength of Ti splats measured with the splat adhesion technique correlated well with the cohesion strength of Ti coatings deposited under similar conditions and measured with tubular coating tensile (TCT) test.
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