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Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, ISSN: 1738-494X, 26 (7), 2012-07, p. 2009-2013
Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, 50 (3), 2011-07-01, p. 303-310
(6th USA National Turbine Engine HCF Conference, Jacksonville, FL March 5-8, 2001), 2000-09-27
(NATO RTO-AVT Lecture Series on Aging, multiple), 2000-07-07
(International Thermal Spray Conference and Exposition From 03/04/2002 To 03/06/2002, Essen/Germany)
(16th Aerospace Structures and Materials Symposium, Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI) From 04/28/2003 To 04/30/2003., Montreal, QC)
(The Conference of Metallurgists - COM2002 - Montreal From 08/11/2002 To 08/14/2002, Montreal/Canada)
Superalloys 2004
Mater. Sci. Eng. A
(Conference of Metallurgists, COM 2006 From 10/1/2006 To 10/4/2006)
(12th International Conference on Fracture From 7/12/2009 To 7/17/2009., Ottawa)
(The Conference of Metallurgists (COM 2002 Montreal) From 08/11/2002 To 08/14/2002, Montreal/Canada)
(16th Canadian Materials Science Conference From 6/5/2004 To 6/8/2004, Ottawa/Canada)
(Conference of Metallurgists, COM 2006 From 10/1/2006 To 10/4/2006, Montreal, Canada)
(16th Aerospace Structures and Materials Symposium, CASI, From 4/28/2003 To 4/30/2003, Montreal, QC)
(Thermac 2009 International Conference on PROCESSING & MANUFACTURING OF ADVANCED MATERIALS Processing, Fabrication, Properties, Applications From 8/25/2009 To 8/29/2009., Berlin,Germany)
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