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NRC Publications Archive

NRC Publications Archive

A searchable online repository containing 57431 publication citations and providing access to 14640 full-text publications. This web-based archive is a valuable resource for NRC researchers, collaborators and the public.

Search for Millar-Blanchaer, Maxwell A.; Search for Graham, James R.; Search for Pueyo, Laurent; Search for Kalas, Paul; Search for Dawson, Rebekah I.; Search for Wang, Jason; Search for Perrin, Marshall D.; Search for Moon, Dae-Sik; Search for Macintosh, Bruce; Search for Ammons, S. Mark; Search for Barman, Travis; Search for Cardwell, Andrew; Search for Chen, Christine H.; Search for Chiang, Eugene; Search for Chilcote, Jeffrey; Search for Cotten, Tara; Search for De Rosa, Robert J.; Search for Draper, Zachary H.; Search for Dunn, Jennifer; Search for Duchêne, Gaspard; Search for Esposito, Thomas M.; Search for Fitzgerald, Michael P.; Search for Follette, Katherine B.; Search for Goodsell, Stephen J.; Search for Greenbaum, Alexandra Z.; Search for Hartung, Markus; Search for Hibon, Pascale; Search for Hinkley, Sasha; Search for Ingraham, Patrick; Search for Jensen-Clem, Rebecca; Search for Konopacky, Quinn; Search for Larkin, James E.; Search for Long, Douglas; Search for Maire, Jérôme; Search for Marchis, Franck; Search for Marley, Mark S.; Search for Marois, Christian; Search for Morzinski, Katie M.; Search for Nielsen, Eric L.; Search for Palmer, David W.; Search for Oppenheimer, Rebecca; Search for Poyneer, Lisa; Search for Rajan, Abhijith; Search for Rantakyrö, Fredrik T.; Search for Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste; Search for Sadakuni, Naru; Search for Saddlemyer, Leslie; Search for Schneider, Adam C.; Search for Sivaramakrishnan, Anand; Search for Soummer, Remi; Search for Thomas, Sandrine; Search for Vasisht, Gautam; Search for Vega, David; Search for Wallace, J. Kent; Search for Ward-Duong, Kimberly; Search for Wiktorowicz, Sloane J.; Search for Wolff, Schuyler G.
The astrophysical journal, 811 (18), 2015-09-20