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NRC Publications Archive

NRC Publications Archive

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NRC Publications Archive?

The NRC Publications Archive is the National Research Council Publications Archive. It is a searchable online repository of NRC-authored publications. It includes a wide range of publications written by NRC researchers from all NRC portfolios.

How current is the information in the NRC Publications Archive

Our system depends on author submissions. We receive submissions on a regular basis and update the archive daily to reflect any new additions.

How many years back does the NRC Publications Archive cover?

We are currently processing a backlog of retrospective publications. When this is completed, the NRC Publications Archive will date from 1916 to present day.

How do I get the full text for publications I am interested in?

To see if the publication offers access to the full text, you must access the full item record. To do this, click on the title of the item within your search results. If the full text is available, a link entitled "View deposited version" or a DOI will appear at the top of the record.

Why don't I get full text links for some items?

The NRC Publications Archive is a citation database containing bibliographic information about NRC-authored publications. While every attempt is made to include a link to the full text of a publication, the database is not a full-text database.

Why do I get a Bad URL, Error 404 or some other not found message?

If you encounter a link that does not work or if you have clicked on a part of a record and received an error message, please report this error as soon as possible by calling 613-998-8544 or 1-800-668-1222 (toll-free) or by sending an email to

Why are there some records with very little data displayed in them?

Some records contain more information than others. If you feel that more information should be provided for a given record, please don't hesitate to use the "Report a correction" link on the record page to submit your suggestions.

How can I receive notification when new records have been added to NRC Publications Archive?

You have the option of setting up RSS feeds by clicking on the icon located at the top of the results page.

Why does the format of some author names appear inconsistently?

The data within the NRC Publications Archive comes from a variety of sources in a number of different formats. Those formats include different variations on how to cite author names.

If your name is not appearing correctly, please click on "Report a correction" link at the bottom of the record and submit the correct information.

What is a "non-NRC publication"?

"Non-NRC publications" are publications authored by NRC authors prior to their employment by NRC.

What does "Export" mean?

The "Export" function allows you to save bibliographic information from the record to be used with citation software. Please note that this function does not provide access to the full text of the document. The full text is only available from the NRC Publications Archive and only in cases in which there is a link from the record that allows you to "View [the] deposited version" or a DOI.

When I manually type an institute/portfolio name in the main search box, I get very few results compared to selecting the same institute/portfolio from the drop down menu in the Affiliation field. Why is that?

The main search box searches only the title and abstract fields. Therefore, only institutes/portfolios whose names appear in the document's title or abstract will be retrieved.

Please use the "Advanced Search" function to retrieve documents affiliated with a particular institute or portfolio.

Is there any way to limit the results of a search to records for which the full text is available?

There is currently no way to limit the results of a search to records for which the full text is available.

Who can I contact with feedback, comments, or questions?

Please provide feedback by calling 613-998-8544 or 1-800-668-1222 (toll-free) or by sending an email to

Where can I find information about NRC patents?

NRC patent records are not displayed in the NRC Publications Archive (NPARC) collection. To view NRC patents, please see the following resources:

For patents filed in other countries, contact the patent office website of the country in question or see the PATENTSCOPE database from the World Intellectual Property Organization.