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NRC's Senior Executive Committee (SEC) approved funding in March 2008 to create an NRC Publications Archive that will be managed by NRC-CISTI. This searchable Web-based archive will provide open and seamless access to NRC's record of science and demonstrate the many ways NRC researchers translate science and technology into value for Canada.

NRC Publications Archive will build on both the work of an earlier pilot project and the work invested by several NRC institutes in creating excellent publication databases. It will offer a single comprehensive gateway to an institutional repository of all NRC-authored publications, including wherever possible, an electronic copy of the full text.

As part of this initiative, the SEC has established a policy making it mandatory, starting in January 2009, for NRC institutes to deposit copies of all peer-reviewed publications (articles, proceedings, books, book chapters) and technical reports in NRC Publications Archive. To encourage all publishers of NRC-authored research publications to permit deposits of these publications in NRC Publications Archive, the SEC has also approved an update to NRC Form 22 Licence to Publish (Crown Copyright) that will explicitly state NRC's intention to deposit the publication in NRC Publications Archive.

Although the initial focus is on the above-noted publications, NRC Publications Archive will ultimately accommodate a wide range of other publication and file types that I/B/Ps determine are essential to disseminating their research and strategic activities.

Creation of this open and comprehensive research repository demonstrates NRC's leadership amongst federal science-based departments and agencies, as well as its commitment to "undertaking, assisting or promoting scientific and industrial research in different fields of importance to Canada."