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Linking Tips

Linking to an NRC publication

To find the direct URL for a publication record in the NRC Publications Archive, perform a search and click on "Get Link". A small box will appear where you may cut and paste either a link or a HTML-formatted link to the publication record.

Constructing URLs

Construct your own URLs to link directly to NRC Publications Archive search results from another website.

  • Start with the base URL and add the required parameters after the question mark.
  • Add the index parameter to identify the index to be searched, i.e., Combined, Title, Author or Abstract.
    • index=aw for Combined
    • index=ti for Title
    • index=au for Author
    • index=ab for Abstract
  • Add the keywords to be searched in the req (request) parameter.
    • req=cell to search the keyword 'cell'
  • Add a final action parameter to perform the search in the NRC Publications Archive.
    • action=dsere
  • Here is the completed URL for this example.
  • Link to any specific search by performing a search and then copying the URL from your browser's location bar.

Linking to an NRC portfolio's publications

Use these URLs to link directly to the publications of specific NRC portfolios or institutes* sorted by publication date beginning with the most recently published, using these links.

To link to the same lists sorted by most recently added publications, replace the parameter st_sc=st_py with st_sc=bd in the URLs below.

* NRC was organized by institutes prior to April 1, 2012



Linking to an NRC author's publications

(coming soon)


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an alternative to signing up for email alerts or checking Web sites regularly for new content. RSS is a web feed format used to publish information about frequently updated works.

You can subscribe to RSS feeds in feed readers such as RssReader or use the feeds inside your own websites and applications to provide information on new data available from the NRC Publications Archive.

The NRC Publications Archive supplies the following useful RSS feeds:

  • Recently added publications
    • The RSS feed located at provides a feed of all newly-submitted publications.
  • Search feeds
    • Provides an RSS feed for any search query in the NRC Publications Archive.
    • Construct and use a feed of this type to keep updated on new entries for any search. To get the link for this type of RSS feed, simply perform a search and click on the RSS feed icon RSS icon on the search results page.
    • You may also construct a custom URL with parameters of your choosing. Ensure that the parameter rss=1 is appended (see Constructing URLs above).
    • Example:

OAI-PMH [What is OAI-PMH?]

The entire set of NRC Publications Archive metadata is available for metadata harvesting using the OAI-PMH protocol.