Method and apparatus for remote dection and thickness measurement of solid or liquid layer

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TypeRapport technique
Titre de collectionUnited States Patent; nº IP-1996-01
RésuméThere is described a method and apparatus for detection and thickness evaluation of a buildup of a solid, e.g. ice, or liquid on a solid surface, such as ice on a body of an aircraft. The apparatus comprises a source of a narrow beam of radiation and a means for remote evaluation of the size of a luminous area created on the solid surface by the beam. The method of the invention involves measuring the size of the luminous area and determining the thickness of any built-up layer, if sufficiently transparent, using a formula which uses the dependency of the size of the luminous are on the thickness of the layer and the refraction index of the medium. Differentiation between ice and a liquid is possible by evaluating regularity of illumination of the luminous area.
Date de publication
Maison d’éditionNational Research Council Canada. Institute for Ocean Technology
AffiliationInstitut des technologies océaniques du CNRC; Conseil national de recherches Canada; Génie océanique, côtier et fluvial
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Numéro du CNRC5806
Numéro NPARC8895641
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